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the html review

online annual journal | Spring 2023

Seek Shelter, digital artwork made with Belle Krupcheck, will be included in the upcoming Spring 2023 the html review. (preview above)

Exhibition at the TINT Gallery 

San Fransisco | June 2023


Exhibition at the TINT Gallery in June 2023. Working on new pieces as part of Grey Matter.


Re-Connections: In Kinship With Nature

at The United Nations | Nov 2023


Hand-coated Cyanotype print on Platine paper, 40”x30,” Walnut frame

Re-Connections: In Kinship with Nature opens November 2023 at the Untied Nations in New York City. I'm so fortunate to have my work alongside such talented and thoughtful artists. Included in this exhibition are two cliché verre Outdoor Drawing images made at the eastern and westernmost points of Governors Island, New York City.

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