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ProvingGround, my upcoming solo show at the John and June Alcott Gallery, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill opens November 2021. For this exhibition I’m reframing LightHouse including new pieces inspired by historical research linking Governors Island with military installations near Chapel Hill. Using photogrammetry by Elliot Davis, I’ve reconstructed the exhibition space on Governors Island to serve as a sort of portal, drawing out questions around time, place and space, cause and effect and historical intersections.

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I’m also working on merging an unclassified CIA document, The Stargate Project, with my site-inspired artwork and military and plant histories of Governors Island. The Stargate Project details and teaches a form of psychic espionage, Remote Viewing. Fascination with this pseudo-science spurred me to apply Remote Viewing techniques to Nolan Park 8B for the LightHouse project as I had grown frustrated with the limited information regarding the social history of the house.

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