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"The pinhole photographs of Slumber offer evidence of bodies in repose and unrest cocooned in their private environments. Slumber was created during the pandemic to document our internal, isolated, and surreal lives. Made overnight with a small wooden camera and recorded onto film, the images are the result of long exposures that blur the details of the inhabitants of these rooms recording snatches of movements and scumbled forms of bodies over time."

"Only sometimes do the images have identifiable slumberers within them. Just as often, they show spaces which could be empty save the haunting movements of the inhabitant. We were our own ghosts, given the ability to disturb and linger without the burden of our every action being captured in a frame. Only in stillness could we be visible, a stillness so absolute it requires hours to be even registered. The more an act involves motion, involves a lack of steady state, the less trackable or traceable it is. Whether animate or inanimate, only the restful shows up. An insomniac is not necessarily discriminate from a burrower. An early riser indistinct from a nocturnal spirit. Our sleeping spaces are all lived in. Ordered and disordered. Temporary and permanent. Geared toward function or form."

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